All about Badugi poker

Top 10 Badugi Poker Tips

Although Badugi is a pretty old poker game, its popularity has grown tremendously in new-age online casinos throughout the world. Many players believe that there’s not much strategy involved in this game, apart from continuing drawing cards in the hope of getting a good hand. If you’re serious about succeeding at Badugi poker on a consistent basis, you must instead work on few tried-and-tested strategies that can help you dominate the other less skilled players. Let’s go over the top 10 tips that can help you in this regard:

Play aggressively when you’re on the button – When you’ve the position advantage, explore more options during the play depending on how other players on the table choose to bet and draw. You may even bet out if you hadn’t hit your hand, followed by standing pat behind other players and carrying on bluffing with the progress of the hand.

Be aggressive about betting on pat hands prior to the first draw – This is all the more applicable if you’re in possession of a weak Badugi and wish to thin the playing field. Having more players in the game would increase the chances of someone else drawing you. Hence, it’d be best for you to go heads-up right away, hoping that other player/s either draw worse badugi/s than yours or miss completely.

Properly understand your hand – This is the most basic Badugi poker tip that involves learning how to read your hand properly. For instance, a new player may not get too excited about a 10 9 8 6 hand until he/she realises that they’re of different suits and he/she has a ready-made Badugi hand that can’t be beat easily! You should pay attention to both suits and ranks and avoid committing certain basic mistakes.

Avoid drawing three cards – You must fold any hand that requires you to draw three cards for making a Badugi, unless you’re the big blind and none of the players have raised the bet yet. Else it may be futile to chase a Badugi.

Draw no more than two cards during the later stages in an unraised pot, with two 5 or better cards of different suits – You may be playing a losing game unless these conditions are met. If anyone raises the pot, it’d be safe to assume that either that player has a pat hand or has drawn a good card. You’ll at least be one card behind in this scenario. Avoid putting yourself in such a situation.

Be aware of the odds – If you require one card for a Badugi, please keep in mind that there may be no more than 10 cards that can complete your hand. Your chances of winning may get reduced even more if another player has chosen to stand pat, unless of course he/she is bluffing or has a King in his/her hand. Don’t hesitate folding your hand if the pot odds aren’t good enough for a draw.

Learn how to discard the right card/s – Let’s say you get a hand of A 4 6 7, and both 6 and 7 belong to the same suit. Ensure that you get rid of 7 and not 6 while trying to create a better hand.

Don’t be afraid of getting caught – Doesn’t matter if you get caught trying to bluff with poor hands. It might help you increase the gaming action later on when you actually get good cards. The key is not getting caught every now and then, else no one will trust your moves.

Protect your hands while playing pot limit Badugi – You must not hesitate from protecting your stronger hands while playing pot limit Badugi. This can be done by making pot-sized raises and bets right from the word go, ensuring that your opponents don’t get the proper odds of drawing against you.

If your chances of getting beaten are high, don’t hesitate breaking up a weak Badugi – Let’s say you have Q 4 3 2 and get raised right after the first draw. You’re certain that the player who raises the bet doesn’t normally do if s/he doesn’t have a pat hand. It may be a smart move to get rid of the Queen in hope of a better hand. However, please be aware that many seasoned players like testing their opponents by raising the bets, even without a Badugi, hoping that their opponents would break their hands.

Following and practising these tips on a consistent basis can make you a highly successful Badugi poker player over a period of time.