There’s no denying, The Asylum was a strange looking place, especially for anyone who was not familiar with the rock night club scene! The décor had everything you’d expect. It was dark, it was Gothic and there was a hint of a vampire’s lair! Even if you visited during the day, the décor seemed to work and brought interest to the place. There was always something curious to look at, even when you visited for their award winning vegan brunch.

The upstairs

While the dark Gothic theme ran throughout the entire venue there were distinct differences between the two floors, that set the two areas apart and made them particularly distinctive. Upstairs was cosy and intimate. There was rich velvet draped everywhere, and there were gorgeous glittering chandeliers adding a touch of dark opulence. Anyone who ever visited Asylum can’t fail to have seen the big black dragon that reigned supreme, keeping guard over the bar and DJ booth.

The downstairs

Downstairs had a more seedy dive bar feel. Downstairs was also home to the pool table which was always popular, especially earlier in the evening before the bands started playing. Or perhaps it was extra popular because it was free to use, that’s a perk of a place you don’t often see!

A wide range of entertainment

The entertainment at The Asylum was certainly eclectic. There was a highly regulated over 21s only policy and that was certainly a good thing. The music was definitely of the ‘explicit lyrics’ variety on many an occasion, and there were some other events that certainly weren’t for family viewing such as applesauce wrestling and female amateur pillow fighting!

The only downsides

Of course no place is perfect, and so we come to those aspects of The Asylum that let the place down a little. Firstly, the service could be a little slow when ordering food from the menu. If you were in a hurry, this wasn’t always the best place to go. Secondly, the toilets. They were very cramped and not always as clean as you’d want them to be. While this was less of an issue at 2am on a Saturday when you’ve had a few drinks. For those visiting for brunch, in the clear light of day, this could be somewhat off putting.