At The Asylum, you could always expect some amazing live music performances. Well it wasn’t called the Rock & Roll lounge for nothing! So many bands played there, many of them local Washington bands. It would be impossible to list them all, but here are just some of the bands that played at The Asylum over the years it was open…


OmegaBand are a versatile group with their music flowing seamlessly from rock to glam to punk and psychedelic. Formed in 2005, the group consists of vocalist Alpha Betts, bass player Kirk Walfroff, drummer Bala Harper, Guitarist James Reeves with Kristen Arant on percussion and backing vocals.

Caustic Casanova

Caustic Casanova are loud and heavy rock band. There are three members in the band. Stefanie Zaenker on vocals and drums, Francis Beringer on vocals and bass, and Andrew Yonki on guitar. Their unique twist on heavy metal is well worth a listen, as long as you like your music loud!

The Arkhams

The Arkhams are lively, loud and loads of fun! This four piece psychobilly band could get any party started. They’re the band most likely to fill a dance floor and fill it fast. First your foot is tapping, then before you know it, your feet have taken you to the dance floor.

AJ Shanti

For once, the volume and pace were lowered, and AJ Shanti captured our hearts our and souls with her beautiful melodies and haunting voice.

Did you ever get to see any of these bands at The Asylum? Perhaps they are still touring other rock venues in Washington DC and you’ll still get the chance. Washington DC has a fantastic live music scene, whether you love rock and metal as was played at The Asylum rock & roll lounge, or if you prefer country, jazz, pop or folk music. You’ll certainly find live music in Washington DC on any night of the week if you look for it. With lots of up and coming talented bands out there, it’s great to give them your support and see what’s out there.