The Brunch Menu at The Asylum rock & roll lounge was very extensive. What’s more there was an entirely vegan menu, perfect for vegans and vegetarians who often miss out on a great deal of choice when dining out.

A range of lite bites

If you didn’t want a huge meal for brunch, picking something from the lite fare menu worked very well. Also, this menu was good for sharing. You could pick a few items off the menu and share them. The cheese fries were great, and the chilli cheese fries were good if you wanted something spicier. These were available in a vegan friendly version too, made with vegan cheese. Wings and nachos were also on offer, and they too were both available ‘vegan style’ - yes, even the wings!

Fulfilling entrées

There were plenty of tasty entrées on the menu and the portions were always very generous. There was a wide selection of omelets available including cheese omelet, bacon cheddar omelet, veggie cheese omelet and chilli cheese omelet. Or, you could go for the Steak and Eggs, a generous 8oz steak with two eggs, served up with a portion of home fries and toast. You certainly wouldn’t feel hungry after you’d eaten that. The breakfast wrap was also popular. This was filled with bacon and eggs, as well as black beans and lots of cheddar cheese. There was also a vegan breakfast wrap. This was filled with tofu scramble, cheese and home fries and topped with black beans.

Sumptuous sandwiches

Finally, there were the sandwiches. There were plenty to choose from such as beef burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches and a delicious breakfast sandwich. Of course there were plenty of vegan breakfast sandwiches too, made with soysauges, tempeh bacon and vegenaise.

A drink to go with your brunch

Their speciality drink was the Bloody Mary, and the good news, was that this too was okay for vegans as it was made with vegan Worcester sauce. There was also a plentiful list of other drinks such as tea and coffee, juices and sodas. Or you could push the boat out and opt for a mimosa or an Irish coffee.