The Asylum had a great selection of drinks on offer, that perfectly complimented their menu. Did you know they had 26 different types of Tequila to choose from? Ranging in price from $7 a shot to $35!

But here we’re going to focus on some of the draft beers that were available at The Asylum.

Red Hook IPA

This is an English style bitter made with cascade hops that you can definitely taste. It’s a fairly strong brew at 6%

Long Trail Belgian White

If the weather was hot, then the Long Trail Belgian White beer was the perfect choice. Light and easy to drink, with more than a hint of fresh lemon, this beer just screams summer evening drinking. This is a 4.7% abv beer.

Abita Restoration

A beer with a story. This one was first brewed to give profits to the relief fund for hurricane Katrina. It’s a mild pale ale, rich and full bodied with a hint of citrus flavours. 5% abv.

Rogue Dead Guy

With such an odd name, you’ll be curious to try this German maibock style ale. Strong in hops and strong in alcohol at 6.5% abv.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

The Sierra Nevada Pale Ale at 5.6% abv is a full bodied classic pale ale with a distinctive hoppy taste.

Yuenging Lager

Brewed in Pennsylvania, Yuenging lager is refreshing and light beer, very smooth and easy to drink, it has a slightly sweet taste and isn’t too hoppy. This comes in at 5.6% abv.

Shiner Bock

Brewed in Texas, this beer is a gorgeous amber color and it’s packed full of flavor. It’s 4.4% abv.

Raging Bitch IPA

Once you’ve got over the fact you’ve got to swear at the bar staff to order this, you’ll be rewarded with a gorgeous American IPA with added Belgian yeast from Flying Dog Brewery.

Asylum Insanity Light

An American light session beer 4.2% abv.


The ultimate classic stout, brewed in Ireland and in The Asylum it was served up in proper British imperial pint glass. 4.1%

Bottled beers too

As well as the beers on draft, The Asylum also has several bottled beers available such as Bud, Corona and Heineken.