A place that mustn’t be forgotten

Just because The Asylum rock & roll lounge bar is no longer open for business, doesn’t mean that it should simply fade into obscurity. Every great place like this sits in the memories of many people. It’s nice to look back and reminisce, it’s good to remember all those amazing bands you saw play at The Asylum and think back to the first time you tried their award winning brunch. So while this is not the official website of The Asylum, it is a tribute to the place, a place that remains in the hearts and minds of many of the people who visited it, and also of course with the bands and other acts that performed there on a regular basis.

It’s hard to mention everything that made The Asylum the place it was

This website has been created through the shared memories of several regular visitors to The Asylum rock & roll lounge. Those collective memories have given us a lot of material, but of course that place was filled with people and filled with other stories, and other memories.

What was your favorite thing about The Asylum?

There were so many great aspects of The Asylum. It’s very hard to pick out what really made it special. It was probably a mixture of things. The atmosphere was always amazing. The staff could look rough round the edges if you weren’t the type of person who was used to leather jackets, piercings and tattoos, but they were all really lovely! You always felt at home in The Asylum. No matter how you dressed or how old you were, you never felt like you were out of place. It was so welcoming. The décor too was amazing. It was like a night out on a Dracula film set. It certainly set the scene nicely. Then there was the lovely food. Whether you went for the award winning vegan brunch, a burger or a freshly made pizza, it would always be served hot and you wouldn’t be left still feeling hungry as the portions were very large. Add to this the fantastic live bands that played regularly and you’ve got a real recipe for a great night out!