A smashing atmosphere

A visit to The Asylum was always pretty crazy. The customers at The Asylum tended to be a younger crowd. The majority of people there were in their 20s or 30s, however, it was such a casual atmosphere, no matter your age, you’d always feel comfortable at The Asylum. You’d never be made to feel out of place. It was not too large a venue, so it always felt cosy and intimate.

Fab décor really set the scene

Done out like a dungeon, dimly lit, and complete with skulls on the wall, The Asylum was the perfect setting for rock and metal music.

Great vegan and vegetarian food

The vegan brunch was a speciality, and there was a good selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes on the menu. The soy cheese was good and the spicy beans certainly had a kick. Portion sizes were also very generous and the service was good too.

A surprisingly good selection of craft beers

You wouldn’t have many great expectations for the beer in a place like this, but The Asylum rock & roll lounge was always full of surprises. They actually had a really good selection of beers and you could get a discount on them too between 5pm and 8pm. The deal was, if you ordered a draught beer during that time, you could get a dollar off the price.

Superb music

The Internet jukebox was always popular and there was usually some punk or rock music blasting out from it. There was plenty of tunes to choose from. There were also loads of bands playing at The Asylum. Some would be local bands, looking to get started in the business, and others would be old hands with loads of gigs under their belt. When one of the bigger bands were playing, the venue would get packed out pretty quick, so if there was a band you really didn’t want to miss out on seeing, it was always a good idea to get in there early. Going a few hours early didn’t really matter as you’d always have a great time, plus you could have something to eat, and some cheap drinks during Happy Hour.